Screw Jacks Custom Made Solutions

For individual customer requirements, the following special screw jacks and options are available:

Screw Jacks
  • Speed, power and stroke length customized to suit your operating conditions
  • Number of input shafts to meet your requirements
  • Trapezoidal and ball screw spindles with non-standard diameters and pitches are available
  • Selection of different head types
  • Protection against contamination by bellows made of different materials and spring steel covers
  • Combination with angle gears, couplings and motors acc. to your order

For the use of screw jacks in corrosive environments (and in addition to the standard aluminum housings of series 562-/563-0 .. | -1 .. | -2 .. and 567-/569-0 ..), phosphatised housings are available for all other screw jack sizes.

Furthermore, we offer for all series optional:
  • Spindles and spindle heads made of stainless steel (materials 1.4301 and 1.4305)
  • Worm shafts made of stainless material
  • Housings with special coating
  • Heavy duty series with bevel gears and motor flange to customers design

Customer-specific solutions

You have not found any suitable products which solve your drive issues? WMH Herion is far more than just a supplier of standard parts. At our company you get everything in one place – from the product idea through the conceptualization and design to the construction and manufacture. Challenge us!

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