Bevel Gear Units Custom Made Parts

ANGLgear - Special models can be provided with:
  • Various shaft lengths and configurations
  • Same relative rotation of input-to-output shafts
  • 3-way units with counter-rotating output shafts
  • Shafts with flats, splines, holes, etc.
  • Modifications to the mounting flanges and housing
  • Special materials, bearings, seals, greases, coatings, etc.
Bevel Gear Units

On request, bevel gear units are available which suit applications with higher speeds as well as unusual operating temperatures or offer reduced angular backlash. For use in corrosive environments and for applications with special requirements of cleanliness and hygiene (e.g. food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry), stainless steel bevel gear units are available on request.

Spur Gear Units, Bevel Helical Gearbox

Providing high performance, running smoothness and low noise level - please send your request!

Customer-specific solutions

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