Spur Gears Custom Made Parts

According to drawing and customer requirement, we manufacture spur gears, pinion shafts and gear rims in numerous designs

Spur Gears & Gear Rims
  • Straight or helical teeth
  • External and internal gear
  • Parts in ground quality: toothing-Ø up to 2 000 mm; toothing in any modules and special pitches
  • Parts in milled quality: toothing-Ø up to 5 000 mm; toothing up to module 24
  • Materials, hardening or surface coating according to customer requirements
Gear Segments

In addition to the manufacturing possibilities of gear rims (mentioned above), segments with larger pitch circle diameters are available on request.

Hirth Serration
  • Milled and hardened design
  • 45° and 60° profile angle
  • Backlash-free, self-centering serration at the end face of cylindrical shaft for a rigid and centrical connection of shafts, discs and gears
  • Highest indexing and repeat accuracy
Herringbone Gears

Gears with herringbone gearing are available on request; outer-Ø up to 1,400 mm.

Customer-specific solutions

You have not found any suitable products which solve your drive issues? WMH Herion is far more than just a supplier of standard parts. At our company you get everything in one place – from the product idea through the conceptualization and design to the construction and manufacture. Challenge us!

You can contact us by phone under +49 8442 96 99-0 or via email to info.drive@herionlinner.com