Part of your drive. The WMH Herion slogan particularly stands for our motivation to improve things and to make a change. We want to be part of our customers’ drive and that is what we work for every day.

Communication & interaction

Employees, customers and suppliers are not just a number at WMH Herion. That is why we maintain personal contact and respectful interaction with each other – internally as well as externally. This principle and open communication form the basis for a collaboration based on trust as well as for a long-term partnership between us and our associates. However, openness also means to be open to criticism, to discuss new ideas and suggestions and not to be satisfied with what we have achieved so far.

Creativity & flexibility

WMH Herion stands for adaptability as well as for innovation. We develop a keen instinct for the demands of the market through the personal and close collaboration with our customers and partners and develop innovative products and solutions for these markets. Standard solutions are not what we are aiming for, which is why we are as flexible as our components. We look for the best solution to every task we are given and deliver the optimal result to our clients. For this purpose, we address our customers’ individual requirements quickly and in a straightforward manner – even if it is time-sensitive.

Quality & goal

We are continuously working on the quality of our products and services. Standard parts as well as newly developed components and assemblies are to be produced and delivered in a consistently high quality. First and foremost, this is encouraged by our internal goal orientation as well as the external ISO certification. With consistent inspections and responsible actions, we ensure that only products which meet our high quality requirements and completely satisfy our customer leave our plant. We try to work as cost efficiently as possible in all our projects.

Responsibility & social commitment

Part of your drive. At WMH Herion this does not only apply to the interaction with our customers but also internally. A professional training, continuous learning as well as constructive and open communication are the basis for qualified and motivated employees and therefore also part of the success of our company. This naturally also includes fair cooperation, performance-related remuneration for services and keeping a good work-life balance. WMH Herion is involved in regional social projects and supports local associations.


WMH products can be found anywhere where something moves. WMH Herion ensures the right drive in more than 50 sectors ranging from classical areas such as toolmaking, mechanical engineering and machine and plant engineering through automation technology, aeronautical and medical engineering to mechatronics and renewable energies.

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